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“Pretty In Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Series

Nicole "Pretty in Pink" series for Breast Cancer AwarenessLooking for girls to be part of a Breast Cancer Awareness photo shoot. I have done a BCA series like this in the past with a lot of participation. It was called “Pretty in Pink” (you can view my previous shoot on my website). For this October, I have a similar idea but with a twist, I will be incorporating body paint into this shoot. If there is enough participation, I plan on creating and selling a calendar and/or poster(s) with these images and donating the profits to a Breast Cancer Awareness foundation.

Brenda body painted for "Pretty in Pink" phot series for Breast Cancer Awareness

Please read carefully before replying: I am located in New Jersey and you should be too (unless you’re willing to travel for a free shoot for the cause). Girls will be topless, but body painted pink (pasties can be used if desired and breasts can be partially covered in photos). You need not be a model or aspiring model to participate and I am welcoming all shapes, sizes and ages over 18. This is not a “porn” shoot, it will be done in a tasteful manner with art and the cause taking precedence. There is no pay for this shoot, but you will be participating in a great cause, helping raise awareness and aiding in donations made (via the calendar/poster profits). I also will send you the edited photos.

If interested, please reply with a photo of yourself, age and location to my email address at jschroeck@jarosdesigns.com

Facebook Photos Gets A Flickr Makeover

facebook logo.pngFacebook Photos is receiving a makeover. Improvements include hi-res photos, photo-download links, bulk tagging options and an elegant lightbox interface for viewing images from anywhere on the site. These upgrades will more than likely help Facebook Photos compete with Flickr. Flickr has had the advantage over Facebook for quite some time, due to the fact that Facebook photos were best for capturing memories of places, people and events through small images and mobile snapshots. With the changes, Facebook Photos will more than likely attract photographers, models, graphic design portfolios and others that want to display their portfolios to the world.

Photos will be uploaded and downloaded in sizes up to 2048 pixels wide or high, compared to the current 720 pixels that larger photos get resized to. Each photo will now also have a link to download the Hi-Res JPEG files.

The site’s new bulk tagging options will allow the uploading individual to temporarily group images and tag friends by simply clicking on thumbnails.

The lightbox user interface will now be displayed anywhere on Facebook you clock an image. In your News Feed, in an album, on your friend’s Wall. A hovering black box displays the photo with minimal navigation controls and relevant social features.

facebook lightbox

Now, while this is an upgrade from the current Facebook Photos, a few questions come to my mind. With the hi-res photos being uploaded and displayed, the download capability and the amount of new users this might attract, will Facebook servers be able to handle it? Will it strain the servers and slow down the speed of the sometimes already slow site?

We also hope that there is a privacy setting where you can prevent your pictures from being downloaded. Will we as users be able to opt-in or out of the hi-res upload and download feature?

Source: Mashable