Facebook Fan Friday – “Sharing is Caring”

fffFacebook Fan Friday. An idea by Rachel Haro of Mouthful Social MediaJay SkowronRachel HaroCriss CastleNancy Castonguay Simmons, Megan S BartoJames A. Ziegler and the Alpha Dames have been the driving force behind making FFF a reality.

The idea behind this is simple and fun to participate in, but effective. Business networking businesses. Vouching for another business is great word of mouth advertising, especially when done by an already reputable business. Individuals  are also participating in helping spread the word about other businesses. Increasing potential likes and audience on the businesses’ social network.

In it’s third week, Toyota of Manhattan’s Social Media & Web Manager, Jason Schroeck took part in a “News Update” video from the rooftop of Toyota of Manhattan, joining the Alpha Dames Criss Castle in “The Middle of Nowhere” and Rachel Haro in San Francisco.

Here is a quick overview of the execution and ideas behind Facebook Fan Friday.

Employing the same networking principles as Twitter’s #FF, businesses are able to do the same on Facebook using Facebook Fan Friday.

Facebook Fan Friday mentions can be as simple as posting a brief comment and direct link (such as a Facebook @ tag) to the business, sharing their post, or for greater impact on optimization, creating and posting simple YouTube videos.

Some creative ways to participate in Facebook Fan Friday:

  • Write a testimonial of services- include pictures and the link to their fan page. Tag them using the @ symbol!
  • Record a YouTube video and share why you recommend them and post a link to their fan page. Be sure to include their company name in your YouTube tags!
  • Write a brief post that explains your business is supporting local vendors and post their link.
  • Post a photo of a special event or happening and tag them. Include a link to their fan page!
  • Share one of their posts.

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Jay Schroeck
For approximately 10 years, I owned and operated a web and graphic design business, Jaros Designs. During that time, I worked with many clients from various industries. Due to a number of reasons, I reluctantly closed the business in December of 2013. However, while I no longer run the business, I still do some freelance work in my spare time. I have expanded my services into social media, photography and videography. For most of my life I have been interested in photography and video as a hobby but now it has become my passion. I decided to take my skills and desire to the next level and work towards becoming a true professional.

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