Juxtaposé Magazine Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Juxtaposé Magazine October 2016 CoverIn honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Juxtaposé Magazine will be donating all profits from their October 2016 – Issue #2 to breast cancer awareness and research. The magazine features my Breast Cancer Awareness body paint photo series with the 6 participants who took part in this cause & fundraiser! Available in print or digital. If you buy a print, you get a digital copy for free! Featured model, CC; featured artist, rock-n-roller Keith Beck’s Zigman Bird; featured photographer, Sam Panso


Click the cover photo on left to purchase the October Issue and help donate to the cause!

Juxtaposé Magazine: A New, NJ Talent Showcase Magazine

Juxtaposé Magazine September 2016 - Issue #1 CoverJuxtaposé Magazine is a new magazine created by photographer & designer Jay Schroeck to showcase NJ models of various races, sizes, and ethnicities depicting genres in fashion, boudoir, glamour, modern style pin-up, eye candy, erotica and body paint. Juxtaposé Magazine’s mission is to provide a platform for promotion, exposure, and support to all aspiring, published & experienced models. We also are looking for those hidden gems that aren’t apart of the modeling industry, but who are trying to break into the industry.

Aside from models, we also are featuring portrait photographers, all genres of musicians and actors. As we grow, we will be expanding into more talent elds and photography genres. Our same mission of providing a platform for promotion, exposure and support applies to these talents as well and we hope to bring you an array of NJ talent in upcoming issues for a long time!

Check it out by clicking the image above! Available in print or digital. If you buy print, you get a digital copy for free!

#NormalizeBreastfeeding Photo Series

Alyssa Milano Breastfeeding Selfie

Alyssa Milano Breastfeeding Selfie

Hey Mommy’s out there. I’m looking for Mothers that would like to help raise awareness of the naturalness of breast feeding. This is a hot issue these days and I’d like to help show nature’s course by taking away the negative outlook people have on breastfeeding. Many people and celebrities are taking “selfies” of themselves breastfeeding to help raise awareness. My thoughts are, let’s take professional, artistic photos to help push the cause. I’m looking to do an artistic photo series with you breastfeeding your child. This is a free, voluntary photo shoot. I will provide you digital copies of the edited photos that you can do whatever you’d like with. Print, share on social media, etc … I’ve done other photo series for causes such as Breast Cancer Awareness and Stop Bullying. If interested, please contact me.


“Pretty In Pink” Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Series

Nicole "Pretty in Pink" series for Breast Cancer AwarenessLooking for girls to be part of a Breast Cancer Awareness photo shoot. I have done a BCA series like this in the past with a lot of participation. It was called “Pretty in Pink” (you can view my previous shoot on my website). For this October, I have a similar idea but with a twist, I will be incorporating body paint into this shoot. If there is enough participation, I plan on creating and selling a calendar and/or poster(s) with these images and donating the profits to a Breast Cancer Awareness foundation.

Brenda body painted for "Pretty in Pink" phot series for Breast Cancer Awareness

Please read carefully before replying: I am located in New Jersey and you should be too (unless you’re willing to travel for a free shoot for the cause). Girls will be topless, but body painted pink (pasties can be used if desired and breasts can be partially covered in photos). You need not be a model or aspiring model to participate and I am welcoming all shapes, sizes and ages over 18. This is not a “porn” shoot, it will be done in a tasteful manner with art and the cause taking precedence. There is no pay for this shoot, but you will be participating in a great cause, helping raise awareness and aiding in donations made (via the calendar/poster profits). I also will send you the edited photos.

If interested, please reply with a photo of yourself, age and location to my email address at jschroeck@jarosdesigns.com

Some bruises are on the inside. Stop Bullying.


© Jayson Shrek Photography

stop_bullyingBullying has increasingly become more of a problem in schools and communities and is starting at younger ages. I am hoping through a photographic awareness campaign, we can make a difference and help cut down on bullying incidents.

This is an ongoing shoot to raise awareness. Anybody and everybody is welcome to participate: young, old, female, male, groups, families, etc … Children are encouraged to participate in this shoot, and do not have to show their faces if they or the parents don’t want them to. Contact me if you’d like to “Take A Stand”.

Do You Know What This Symbol Means?

tire-pressure-500Do you know what this symbol means? It has been on some automobiles’ instruments panels in the past, but since 2008, it has become a required standard on all models. This symbol has been described as a “U-shaped pictograph with treads and an exclamation point in the middle”.

Well if you guessed a low tire-pressure warning, you guessed right. If not, you are lucky you are reading this article. It is the new international symbol for low tire pressure. The warning for the TPMS lights up when one or more of your vehicle’s tires is 25% below the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. It is to my understanding that at least half of the drivers out there, do not know what this symbol means. It’s ok, if you do not or did not know what this symbol meant prior to reading this. Although the symbol is meant to be a universal warning symbol understandable by a wide variety of cultures and languages, there seems to be an issue with a lack of proper education for the general public. We are guessing that if you haven’t read your owner’s manual or aren’t a “symbologist”, you more than likely had no clue what this symbol meant. I sure had no idea until it was brought to my attention about a year ago. If this is the case, I am glad that our readers will now know and hopefully will be able to pass this information on to your friends and family!

Properly inflated tires are vitally important to your safety. Low pressure will affect your braking, acceleration, stability, cornering and fuel economy. The government instituted the TPMS mandate after the Bridgestone/Firestone tire failures on the Ford Explorer in 2000, a controversy that was partly attributed to inadequately inflated tires.

Toys for Tots at Toyota of Manhattan Was A Great Success! Thank You!

Toys for Tots Jason Schroeck, Social Media & Web Manager, led the way for Toyota of Manhattan to be a collection center this year for Toys for Tots in hope that we can bring smiles to children’s faces that otherwise would be without. What we are also very excited about is, the local businesses that have helped out and have coordinated with us through pick-ups and drop-offs, means that there will be that many more children’s faces with smiles on them this holiday season! We want to thank our customers, employees, fan, friends and local businesses that have helped out and donated toys this year!

Jeanette Casimiro from  The Westin New York at Times Square contacted me in regards to an event they were having in mid-November. All the attendees were asked to bring a small toy to donate to Toys for Tots as part of their admission in to the event. Jeanette and I then coordinated a pick-up date and time and our boxes started filling up that much quicker with The Westin New York at Times Square’s help!

Toyota Holiday LuncheonJuliet Williams in the Philanthropy department at TMA (Toyota Motor North America) contacted me and discussed a Holiday Luncheon they were having in mid-December. We together forged a collaboration, with the Toy Drive in mind, which was quite the success!  Juliet invited me to the Holiday luncheon at TMA where I said a few words about mine and Toyota of Manhattan’s efforts with the Toys for Tots program and how very excited we were to be collaborating with TMA in this effort! We hope that this is the first of many to come! The Holiday Potluck Luncheon was great and I am thankful for the invitation. I met some great people and enjoyed some delicious food! TMA employees filled up a full box on their own in less than a 2 week span!

The Daily Show with John Stewart held a toy drive within their office among their staff and crew, saw that Toyota the-daily-show-toys-for-totsof Manhattan was a Toys for Tots drop off location and BJ Gunts dropped off a large box of toys at our dealership last week!

Marla from The Nestlé Account Team from Ogilvy Worldwide, New York called last week describing a fun way they collected toys for the Toys for Tots program. They held an inter-team “Secret Santa” style exchange, with the rule being to get a toy that you would have liked as a kid. They exchanged, shared their stories with each other and benefited a great cause all at the same time! Marla dropped off several bags into our boxes!

Joseph from Quality Transportation called and asked if we were still accepting the Toys for Tots donations. I said yes, and less than an hour later Joseph walked in to our showroom with several toys from the staff at Quality Transportation!

There will be that many more smiling faces this Holiday season thanks to everyone that donated and participated!

Jason Schroeck, Social Media & Web Manager at Toyota of Manhattan, pictured here with U.S. Marines Sergeant Ceasar and Corporal Hamilton when they picked up our Toys for Tots boxes on Wednesday. — at Toyota of Manhattan.

Jason Schroeck, Social Media & Web Manager at Toyota of Manhattan, pictured here with U.S. Marines Sergeant Ceasar and Corporal Hamilton when they picked up our Toys for Tots boxes on Wednesday. — at Toyota of Manhattan.

Dov Hikind with Bay Ridge Toyota & Toyota of Manhattan Bring Holiday Joy To Wheelchair Bound Boy

(L-R) Mekimi Chairman of the Board Chesky Kauftheil; Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn); Mike Ianelli, General Manager, Bay Ridge Toyota; Joe Ciaccia, Social Media & Web Manager, Bay Ridge Toyota; Steve Kritikos, General Manager, Toyota of Manhattan; Jason Schroeck, Social Media & Web Manager, Toyota of Manhattan

(L-R) Mekimi Chairman of the Board Chesky Kauftheil; Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn); Mike Ianelli, General Manager, Bay Ridge Toyota; Joe Ciaccia, Social Media & Web Manager, Bay Ridge Toyota; Steve Kritikos, General Manager, Toyota of Manhattan; Jason Schroeck, Social Media & Web Manager, Toyota of Manhattan

As previously posted here, Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn) has teamed up with Bay Ridge Toyota and Toyota of Manhattan to present a 2012 Toyota Sienna Mobility Edition van valued at close to $50,000 to the family of 12-year-old Alter Pinter. Alter’s legs were amputated last year after he nearly lost his battle with a vicious case of swine flu which raged through his entire body and spread to his legs. He has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. Click HERE to read the full press release.

We hope that we were able to make this family’s life a little easier. It is unimaginable to even try to understand what this young boy and his family has gone through. To be able to bring a smile to Alter and his family’s faces, and help getting in and out of the vehicle and traveling that much easier is wonderful.

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Here is some video from the ceremony that took place in a courtyard outside Mekimi’s office on December 12, 2011.